Mechanical Engineering

From proof-of-concept through detailed product design and test, Aproio MEs work with internal and external stakeholders to deliver products across a wide variety of market applications.

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Capability Highlights

  • Medical device & precision systems
  • Electromechanical and opto-mechanical systems
  • Thermal management
  • DFx – designed in, not added on, across electrical and mechanical engineer
    • Reliability – core capability & focus, data-driven conclusions​
    • Manufacturing – leverage experience, consult experts
    • Assembly
    • Test – methods, apparatus, criteria

Our Areas of Expertise

Requirements & knowledge-driven design Prioritize by design/technical risk. Design decisions informed by data. Tolerance analysis. Build models that are useful design tools. Always attentive to interfaces and cross-disciplinary considerations (HFE/ID, hardware, software).
Modeling, analysis & simulation Mathcad; Solidworks; Comsol (multi-physics modeling and simulation); and Matlab.
Test Early test with simple apparatus. Sophisticated test methods and apparatus for later stage developments. Value-based testing, DOE methods. Rigorous data analysis and carefully drawn conclusions.
Approach Requirements-based, informed design. Prioritized for managed risk. Informed by simulation/test data, tolerance analysis.
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